Temenos Red Lily


Volunteer Opportunities

Outside Upkeep and Enhancement
Driveway/roadside spruce up
Farm House gardens
Community Food Bank garden
Stream side
Retreat porches

Inside Beautification and Care
Farm House dusting and sweeping
Kitchen upkeep
Retreat common area upkeep
Plant upkeep and arranging

If you wish to volunteer please email Christine: temenosdirector@gmail.com

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Donate / Volunteer

Temenos Donations

At Temenos, you may find the gifts of friendship, nature’s beauty, rest, spiritual growth along with endless possibilities this land offers. In a fast paced and increasingly stressful society we need places where we can nurture our bodies, minds and spirit; places where our hearts gently open and we can breathe a bit easier. Temenos needs your attention and love so we can grow and thrive as a place that allows you the space to rediscover and remember your soul’s desire.


Give a Gift Today

For general support of Temenos – you may either make an immediate donation, or sign up for automatic monthly donations using paypal from your credit card or checking account. We appreciate all gifts, and monthly donations are especially helpful for creating a steady flow of support for our work.

Click the Donate button below to donate to Temenos today! We appreciate all donations of time, talent and treasure. Please look to the right side bar for ways to volunteer. We come for an hour, a day, a week or longer to nourish our soul.



Dream Chasers

They are our dream chasers
Reaching high towards the sky
Always believing they can make it happen
Never saying nigh.
They help us climb tall mountains
Navigating the compass along the way
Taking us to new and exciting places
Never leading us astray.
They help us build strong communities
Wrapping families in their arms
Seeing the many opportunities
Forever working hard.
They number many these volunteers
They have given so much to us
How do we show our gratitude?
Thanks...just doesn't seem enough.

– Beckie Hassie